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PBR Panel/R-Panel Fiberglass Panels

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PBR Panel/R-Panel Fiberglass Roofing Panels


36" x 144" or 192" White, 8 Ounce/Sq. Ft.

Acrylit High Performance corrugated fiberglass roofing provides outstanding strength thanks to a proprietary integrated formulation of 100% Acrylic resin with additional Woven Roving glass technology. These high quality and NON-Yellowing fiberglass panels are lightweight and offer excellent impact resistance. Corrugated skylights provide 100 % natural illumination, UV protection, and excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. Fiberglass roofing panels offer an energy saving solution to buildings that require soft natural light with no leaks. These panels can be paired with our 7/8” metal roofing panels for a seamless construction from steel to skylight.


You'll want some frosted white sections for shade, privacy, and lower heat gain. Any of these translucent fiberglass panels would be a great choice. They're very weather resistant, cost effective, and easy to install. Natural Daylighting Design can save up to 75% of electric lighting costs. It is scientifically proven, that natural light increases health, productivity and performance of personnel, which also adds to Gard savings. Acrylit provides uniform light diffusion with a haze factor of 90-95%.

FRP Panels are UL-90 approved with 10-year warranty against yellowing and fiber bloom. Corrugated Fiberglass can be shipped throughout the contiguous United States and Canada.

Click here for more information about the positive effects of fiberglass panels when used to diffuse direct light for growing plants in greenhouses.


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  • Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits of R-Panel Fiberglass Roofing Panels

    • High Strength – Our panels consist of an 8oz. acrylic modified polyester translucent panel chopped strand and woven roving fiberglass reinforcement which offers an extremely high strength to weight ratio.
    • Low Cost Installation – Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic R-Panels are much lighter than traditional steel metal panels and require less labor to install. No special tools are required and they are much easier to handle.
    • Durable – Fiberglass panels are more dimensionally stable than competing materials such as PVC or polycarbonate. They can be used over a much broader temperature range without concerns of warping, excessive expansion and contraction or cracking and brittleness that is commonly associated with competing materials.
    • Versatile – Translucent design allows light to filter through easily – keeping out direct sunlight and excessive heat while blocking harmful UV rays. Fiberglass roofing blends well with various structures and can be used as roofing accents for your house, garage, patio, carport or greenhouse.
    • Translucent - Translucent roofing panels provide the perfect green roof solution to meet your building lighting requirements; substantially reducing the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building.
    • Affordable - Corrugated fiberglass is one of the cheaper options for roofing materials. Yet it performs well as a roof and keeps your home well protected. It makes a good choice if you’re on a tight budget yet desire quality and durable roofing material. The cheaper price allows you to complete your construction projects faster without being constrained by cash.
    • Low Maintenance – Fiberglass panels do not require special products to clean your fiberglass roof. A mild detergent, water and a scrub brush are enough to get the job done effectively.
    • Rot Resistant - Since fiberglass is an inorganic material, unlike wood, it does not rot - making it the best choice in roofing material by builders and architects alike.
    • Corrosion Resistant - Fiberglass roofing panels are suitable for use in highly corrosive environments where exposure to chemicals or saltwater is a concern, are UV resistant to sun exposure and can be made with fire retardants if required.
    • Lightweight - The material's reduced weight and easier handling, compared to wood or metal, allows for faster installation.
    • Fire Resistant - Fiberglass roofs are noncombustible and have a Class A fire rating. Class C rating when applied over a combustible material such as wood shingles.
  • Light Diffusion

    Light Diffusion

    Natural daylight design can save up to 75% of electric lighting costs. It is scientifically proven, that natural light increases health, productivity and performance of personnel, which also adds to savings. These fiberglass panels provide uniform light diffusion with a haze factor of 90-95%.


      • No color distortion, important for quality control and/or working with dangerous materials.
      • Improves the quality of work, reduces accidents, lessens scrap factories, increases shopping in stores, etc.


      • Penetrates deeper for greater photosynthesis and supports better plant growth.
      • Improves crop yield, heightens leaf count, lower crop temperature and shortens crop time.

    Light Transmission Properties
    Property Polycarbonate(Twin wall) Tedlar AcrylitGC Standard Polyester FRP
    Light Transmission 40 - 50% 50 - 55% 50 - 55% 55 - 60%
    Light Diffusion (% Haze) N/A 25 - 30% 90 - 95% 25 - 30%
    Yellowing Index 1.96 N/A 0.24 3.98
  • Technical Characteristics

    Techincal Characteristics

    Property ASTM Std. Chopped Glass Result Woven Roving Result
    Tensile Strength D638 12,595 PSI 25,772 PSI
    Tensile Modulus D638 1.02 x 106 PSI 1.52 x 106 PSI
    Flexural Strength D790 29,151 PSI 24,306 PSI
    Flexural Modulus D790 0.97 x 106 PSI 0.79 x 106 PSI
    Compressive Strength D695 23,304 PSI 28,905 PSI
    Compressive Modulus D695 1.03 x 106 PSI 1.5 x 106 PSI
    Barcol Hardness D2583 40-50 40-50
    % Elongation D638 1.37% 1.90%
    Izod Impact D256 17.87 18.59
    Building Code Class CC2 CC2
    Burning Rate D635 < 2.5 in/min < 2.5 in/min
    Smoke Density E84 105 95
    Glass Content D2584 26% ± 3% 34% ± 3%

    Span & Loading Table

    Fiberglass R Panel Span and Loading Table (8 oz.)
    lbs. per sq. ft. Chopped Woven Roving
    Roofing 10psf 74" 76"
    Roofing 20psf 65" 70"
    Roofing 30psf 57" 63"
    Roofing 40psf 48" 57"
    Roofing 50psf 40" 50"
    Roofing 60psf 31" 44"
    Siding 10psf 77" 79"
    Siding 20psf 71" 74"
    Siding 30psf 65" 69"
    Siding 40psf 59" 65"
    Siding 50psf 53" 60"
    Siding 10psf 47" 56"
  • Installation Guide
  • Warranty

    Fiberglass Warranty for Download

  • Greenhouses

    Fiberglass Panels for Greenhouses

    Click here for more information about the positive effects of fiberglass panels when used to diffuse direct light for growing plants in greenhouses.
PBR Panel/R Panel
PBR Panel/R Panel
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